Volishon Travel Review Exposed

Volishon Travel Review Exposed

Product: Volishon Travel

Website: http://www.volishon.com/

Owner: Joel Santiago

Price: Volishon Travel Scam

Monthly Membership – $34.95 Per Month plus a one time joining fee of $35.00

6 Month Membership – $199.95 plus a one time joining fee of $35.00

Yearly Membership – $399.95 plus a one time joining fee of $35.00

Overall Rank: 3 out of 10

My Recommendation: No


What Is Volishon Travel?

Welcome to Volishon Travel Review. Volishon is currently in it’s pre luanch stage, Volishon travel is a travel site that you can get discounted prices on

  • hotel and Travel
  • Dining
  • car rental
  • apparel
  • electronics
  • movie tickets
  • theme parks
  • sporting events
  • auto care

When you become a member with Volishon you will be able to earn a income  by promoting Volishon Travel. With Volishon travel there is a price monthly or yearly price tag to be a member of what I call  a mlm biz. Maybe you have seen people talk about it on Facebook or some other place, but today I dint want to make this opportunity look bad just wanted to give some insight in what I see , and hope to help you make right decision.

How are the travel Deals with Volishon Travel?

Well for the most part what I saw on their site is that they had a portal to dohop.com a 3rd party company  where you can book a flight but I compared it to other travel site’s and dint see any difference in price.I believe that many mlm travel site’s out there that have been out there failed, only because they were guarantying cheapest travel price but in all reality that was not true so many travel mlm company’s are like that, and I believe that Volishon is not any different.

Volishon Travel Opportunity

With Volishon Travel you will be able to earn income by referring other members or promoting the travel deal, I have looked to find what is the commission for selling the products , and they currently do not have that yet, but I did find that when you become a member you will be able to earn in 7 ways.

  1. Power Line Bonuses
  2. Fast Start Bonuses depending which membership you have 1 star, 2 star,or 3 star you will be able to earn 15 to 30 dollars for every person.
  3. Coded Infinity fast start overrides
  4. Residual Income
  5. Matching Bonuses
  6. Profit Sharing
  7. Travel/ Product Commissions

With Volishon your primary way to earn a income is to get someone else signed up, and if you ever been a part of a mlm company that sometime’s is not easy, and most people fail because mostly based on recruiting other members.

Price to Join Volishon Travel

There is 3 prices that you can enroll in the first one is the one star, and that is the cheapest one they have 34.95 month  plus 35 enrollment fee and that qualify’s you to earn a income. Two star is the second package you can purchase, and it is 199.95 for six month membership , and 35 enrollment fee, and qualify’s you to earn bigger commission’s. Three Star Package is the biggest package they have and it is the more expensive one for 399.95 plus one time enrollment fee of 35, and with is membership you qualify to earn maximum income with Volison Travel. The question is it to expensive? I believe it is little pricey only because you have to pay monthly, if you get the monthly package or 200 or even 400 package depending how good you are at recruiting you might earn back your money or might not.

Training for Volishon

Like many mlm’s I do not believe they have a good training programs for their members most of it is common sense stuff that they teach, and nothing  that will help you achieve success.With Volishon I cant say because I have not been a member with them, to see what they have, but going off my past experience many mlm’s do not provide good training something you have to go out and learn on your own, so you can be successful in your business.

Pros and Cons


  • You can possibly earn  a income with Volishon
  • still in the pre lauch stage meaning have greater opportunity to spread the word, and get people signed up
  • Could possibly save you some money


  • Little pricey
  • Mostly based on recruiting
  • Not so great product
  • monthly payments  which  not so great, and something I dislike about mlm ‘s

Final Thoughts

Just wanted to wrap my Volishon travel review , and say some final things. If you love to recruit than I would say go for it, but if you hate recruiting than might not be a business for you.

Like many mlms out there I can not say how long this one will last but if you really want to try it than great, but as for me I had my fare share of mlm’s . If you want my recommendation than I wont recommend, but that is up to you. If you would like though to learn how to build a successful business online than I recommend you learn how to build a legit online business if you would like to learn more on how to build a business than I recommend my Number One Training Program on how to build successful business online. I hope this will help you decide where you want to go from here, if you have question’s or comments feel free to ask will be glad to help.

11 Replies to “Volishon Travel Review Exposed”

  1. Thanks for the information. I was curious about this site. Truth is, it sounds so similar to a MLM program my mother tried a couple years back. Needless to say she did not make money. She actually lost several hundred dollars in fees she had to pay.

    Like you stated, it is still in the pre-launch stage so that does make it a little bit easier to recruit (the market isnt saturated yet), but I still would caution against MLMs.

    Again, great information. That cleared me up about this program!

  2. Hi Val,
    Thank you for the review on this company. I had not seen this one yet but now I will know to stay away from it when I do. These mlm sites always give me that uneasy feeling, you just confirmed it for me. Thank you for that. It sounds like it’s a pretty high risk endeavor for anybody that buys into it.

  3. Thank you for posting this! My neighbor is in it and tried to convince me…I was like so…”I’m going to be spending $35 a month plus the enrollment fee in order to save money?”…”do I look stupid?” LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing and its great to let people know before they make a possible huge investment mistake.
    If anyone reading this wants a REAL Company to work with, check it out.

  5. Look at up Joel santiagos name on Wisconsin circuit court access he lives in south Eastern wi. Dude has a rap sheet a mile long!! No buklshit and this clown is a ceo? Lol

  6. Hey Val,

    Sorry that you received in correct info on our company. We would be happy to get you some accurate info on our business as well as give you a free portal as we do with all of our over 17,000 members. You will actually be able to earn commission on your bookings made on your portal without ever having to pay us a dime! Feel free to contact me anytime.


    Volishon Coporate Team

    05/17/2016 3:02PM

  7. This Company & the owners Joel Santiago & Joseph DW Otis are liers, scammers & thieves. I was involved in helping build & promoting this Company during pre-launch. It wasn’t until first pay day June 2, 2016 that the truth was a slap in the face. I helped some of my team get pro rated refunds before i submitted my refund request as i felt horrible & responsible to those who trusted me & joined my team. I noticed that shortly after Volishon was hit with & overwhelmed by the numerous refund requests that they illegally changed the terms & conditions specifically pertaining to their refund policy. They then were refusing refunds to people stating that if they received a commission whatsoever from 0.01 & above you then were void of receiving any refund at all. They did not have any of us agree to the “new” terms & conditions which we are only legally bound to the original terms & conditions. I have a recorded video dated june 3, 2016 which shows the t&c refund policy we are legally bound to. I requested a refund for my 2, 3 star investments which totaled almost $800.00 i have not received a response whatsoever from them. They are taking a personal stance towards me in not responding to me whatsoever due to them seeing how i helped some of my team strategically get refunds and they got offended due to the truthful manner in which i called them out on their lies, misleading promotions & Unprofessionalism. I have a lot of proof in regards to how they manipulate the matrix for their own benefit & are not doing business in an integral manner as they professed many times during pre launch that they were an integral led mlm travel company that was about the distributers. Stay far away from them. Find me on facebook if anyone needs more information on how to get refunds & retaliate in a responsible manner so that scams like this can be thoroughly investigated & shut down.

  8. Joseph W Otis is a Fake, and a Scum that will use any opportunity to promote this Volishon scam, which does not benefit anyone except the people scamming in a ripping off new prospects. Volishons discounts suck, you can find bugger better worthy discounts online everywhere that always beat their sorry discounts, and hardly no options. Joe relationship is just as fake with his backwoods twang talking country bump kind wife who he forces to represent this fraud, with her Bible thumping ways. Joel Santiago is a lying Scum behind that boyish grin. They have done so many people wrong. Hundreds are waiting when that day comes, and it will come, very soon, when it all faills and blows up in their face. Karma. They will pay dearly.

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