VStream TV Scam Exposed

VStream TV Scam Exposed

Product: VStream TV Scam

Price: Free to be affiliate and 49$pro membership for perks

363 for tv box plus shipping

Owner: unknown

Overall Rating 5 out of 10

This Is My Personal Opinion

What Is Vstream TV

Vstream TV Scam is it a scam? Recently going through Facebook and stumbled on someone promoting Vstream TV, so I decided to check it out to see what it was about. VStream is a new generation of multimedia player and entertainment for your TV according to VStream. VStream is Based on the Android system that lets you do web browsing. 2d/3d games, video chat, and other things like view movies and TV shows.

According to VStream is is easy to set up and easy to use just plug in to your TV. The VStream come with 60 or more loaded apps  ready for you to use. Also VStream TV is supposed to work with any TV according to VStream. With Just a internet connection, and a power source you can be on your way to watching new movies and your favorite TV shows. With VStream box you  will also  receive a keyboard, and USB mouse, and controller.

Here Are some Specs 

CPU: Quad Core Cortex-A9 CPU, up to 1.6 GHz
OS: Andriod 4.4
ROM: 8 GB NAND Flash
Adaptor input: AC 100V – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
Adaptor output: DC power output 5v/2A


USB Port: 2 x USB 2.0 ports
SD Port: 1 x SD/MMC port
Display: HDMI 1.4a and AV output
WLAN: Built-in Wi-Fi Module, support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
LAN: Integrated 10/100M LAN Controller, RJ-45 interface
Camera: 2.0 MP Camera with Cover


What is V Stream Tv Pro Perks , and the Biz Opportunity

Also If you have been on VStream site than you noticed that you can become a affiliate to promote and sell the VStream Box , and also you can join to become a pro perks member which gives you the opportunity to but the TV box at a discounted price. With the Pro Perks you will get a chance to save on many things like food, travel etc…To become a Pro Perks member it will cost you 49 bucks a month ,and that is for the discounts, and for your business which you can also sign up for free but with the Pro Perks you receive a bigger commission. One of the questions that I have asked and you have to if this is a scam, well I do not necessarily think it is a scam, but I will explain more on what problems I see with VStream TV.

Is VStream TV Scam?

Maybe you have read other reviews out there ,and the question comes up  if VStream TV is legal? Since VStream dose not provide where they get their content so many people think it is illegal. Like other folks out there .Only because there are company’s out there like Netflix that been around for a while and pay money to get content. One thing that stood out to me is how can you get content without paying for it . Also I have noticed on amazon similar boxes to this one  with a lot of similar apps on there for 40 or 60 bucks, not sure exactly how good  they work, and not gonna try. Is it a Scam, well there are a lot of folks that say that it has worked great for many and some say the shows don’t work if you are a person that watches a lot of show or a lot of cable then might be a great option if it does what it really says it does . But there a lot of reviews out there and many have experienced issues with the box. In my opinion I don’t want to pay 300 bucks for something that might or might not work.


To wrap things up just wanted to say my recommendations, if you think that this VStream TV is a good options than ill leave that up to you  but for me ill stick with my Netflix , and for the Biz opportunity yes you can make money, and if it is legit than it is a great opportunity to make money but, same time you will have lot of competition against other company’s that offer streaming services like Netflix etc. . There are many way’s to earn income, and only one that I found that works well ,and that is affiliate marketing.  This is my personal recomendation to those that are interested in making money.Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a income, and of course it all depends on how hard you work to be successful, but also not to forget a big factor is the learning part if you do not learn than you will not know how to build a successful business.  Great way to start learning for free is a site that I found called Wealthy Affiliate, and you can get started for free, if you want to learn more check out my older post on affiliate training courses. I hope this will point you in the right directions if you have comments or questions feel free to ask.

16 Replies to “VStream TV Scam Exposed”

  1. Can’t actually tell i understand what Vstream TV is all about, nut then i guess writing reviews on products or services to inform the public of the possibility of been scammed is a great idea.

    There are various scam site online today and if one is not careful or well informed, can easily fall a victim. Your review was quite informative and useful. Cheers

  2. Great job with this review. I appreciate your open minded manner. Since the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), copyright laws have become increasingly complex. It is always a good idea to be cautious with stuff like this, especially when there is doubt and questions about it. Whenever I see promotions that say FREE TV or FREE movies, that is a red flag for me. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Error on the side of caution carries great wisdom. If something turns out to be valid, then no loss. However, if it turns out to be illegal, then there is huge potential for loss.
    Thanks for taking time to share your views on this product. Unless I see further evidence to suggest this is valid, I will definitely err on the side of caution.
    Thanks again.

  3. That couldn’t be an option for me because I don’t like 99% of movies or TV series. In most of the movies there are values that are against my values. Violence, lying, talking bad about other people, not being responsible.

    For only that reason it would be impossible for me to promote a lot of movies. I could only promote some of the best :D. But as you claimed probably VStream isn’t very good option.

  4. Lou Gatto is a long industry scammer hosting the overview calls … the VP is a convicted felon name Blair Bremner who served time in prison for beating up a woman … and his father Robert has a long history of legal problems

    1. Lol I have a VSTREAM2 and I am waiting on the new VSTREAM3 should be at my home any day now, it is amazing how people always talk about things that don’t even matter. Having VSTREAM2 has allowed me to eliminate an excessive cable bill I only have Internet now, and the full season of any show that I want to watch, old and new.

    2. You have your facts all wrong. People do some real research. Don’t base your opinion on someone who never tried the service/ products or the business. Thanks Happy holidays

  5. You guys are way off base. Vstream is a legit company. I have been making sales in it for over a year now. It’s more than just movies and tv shows. Whoever Tony is and probably not his real name. Is a disgruntled rep and was kicked out of the company aka Mitch Becker. I have 3 Vstreams in my house and have saved over 2k in cable bills. I can watch whatever I want whenever I want

    1. GLad to hear! This was my personal take on this and there is a lot of good reviews out there by other folks but mostly affiliate’s, but same time many negative review out there also complaining about the box.

  6. It seems to me half of these people are not making money. I have been with vstream for a year and 4 months I have made in some weeks over $3,000. I was able to purchase 2 vehicles by being in the company. Documentation beats conversation. I have checks to prove it. By the way Lou Gatto is one of our leaders in the business as I am as well get your facts straight before you talk. Feel free to contact me at 3012024196

  7. Don’t go with VSTREAM! They sold me a lemon and they wont refund my money or respond to my emails. It was confirmed with their tech guy that it was a Hardware issue. On top of it not working , they sent me someone else old equipment!

  8. I started with V Stream NXR Global in 2015 . I had so many problems with this box. The mouse not syncing, the key board not working, the box freezing. I had bought door fliers to sell the box. This year the box started malfunctioning. I had so many problems with the box and tech support I really couldn’t sell a product with so many problems to anyone knowing they were going to incounter the same problems. When I called tech support the desk agent informed me I would had to buy a monthly subscription and or by VStream 4 and my account was in active. She gave me BJ’s number and said he would help me with my signup again. I was in my account at the time what she realize that account was not inactive. She disconnected my account. When I got off the phone from talking to her I logged back in my account. The account was gone, I was so upset I didn’t want anything to do with BJ or NXRGlobal. W hat they do not tell you is if they disconnect your link you would not have any streaming or if they disconnect your account you will not have any streaming. At this point you will have to buy another VStream box, .it’s not like the TV where you pay one time and that’s it. They will always be making money off of you . I went on Amazon and order a Fire Stick and that works fine for me. Thumbs down to VStream .

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