What Is Ibuyrite Ecommerce

What Is Ibuyrite Ecommerce

Ibuyrite  Ecommerce Review

So what is ibuyrite ecommerce? Ibuyrite is a new ecommerce platform where you can earn a income from your own online store which is preloaded with over 1 million brand name  products.in 25 product category’s. With Ibuyrite you will be able to purchase a a big box store and start selling and earning commission for your sales. Maybe you have seen shopify  where you can also build your own online store, but only difference is with Ibuyrite the products are already preloaded for you to sell, unlike shopify you have to get your own products to sell.

How Does Ibuyrite Work?


How much does it really cost to join well to join and be a  affiliate is free, but if you would like to have your own big box store it is 300 dollars for the starter kit and then 199$monthly for each niche store, unless you have two store than it will be 149 month and 3 store 100 dollars month for each.

Benefits of owning your own Niche Store

  • Personalized store
  • Pays up to 20% commissions
  • Extend your brand Pre-loaded inventory
  • Load your own products
  • SEO marketing
  • Daily deals / couponsWhat Is Ibuyrite Ecommerce
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Multi channel marketing
  • Like it to know it / Instagram
  • Real time analytics
  • Receive your own merchant card processing account

Earn as a Free Member

Like I mentioned earlier you can also earn money being a affiliate, when you sell a niche store at monthly price of 199.00 you will earn 50 dollar commission, when you sell 6 store front you will be on your way to getting your own 300 dollar value big box store and enter the binary and uni-elevel program.

What you get as a Associate Power Player

There are two membership that you can get signed up with the first one is associate power player and detail are below and other one is a free member which ever you choose you will be able to earn money depending how much work you put in of course.

  • $300 Starter Kit
  • Receive your own replicated Big Box everything store and earn up to 10% cash commission
  • Sell a niche store for $199 monthly fee and receive a $100 commission: $50 direct cash commission and $50 direct into the Uni-Level.
  • Receive technology license for Back Office management system ($50 per month, 50% pays into Uni-Level)
  • Participate in the Binary and Uni-Level compensation plans Pays up to 3% of retail sales from all niche stores and Big Box Stores monthly into the Uni-Level
  • 20% commission on every Boost Ad Program sold (10% direct cash, 10% into Uni-Level)
  • Personalized Power Player customer care experience:
  • Direct contact person assigned to give you exceptional service!
  • Receive Reward Points for everything you do! (Upline in the Binary and Uni-Level)
  • Receive your own merchant card processing account

Boost Ad Package

Need more traffic? Ibuyrite offers a boost package which you can purchase, in my opinion little high but might be worth it if you got the money to invest.

Local Facebook: $300 Regional Facebook: $600

Social + Search Package:

Local Facebook + Google: $650 Regional Facebook

+ Google $1,250

Premium Packages:

Custom Placement Facebook + Google: $1,900

Pros and Cons


  • Great opportunity compared to shopify and other ecommerce plat forms out there, because of the products that are pre loaded with your store
  • Not bad commission’s
  • Everything is taken care of from website design to taking payments its all setup and ready to use.


  • One of the cons is that even though everything is made for you even seo optimized I still believe it might be hard to rank on google  for particular keywords as you would if you had your own blog or website through WordPress. Unless you can edit your site than that is a different story but having everything pre made in my opinion will be hard to get traffic to, because one of the ways I use to get traffic is by seo.
  • Price a little high a month but I guess if your getting everything than it is not bad.


Just some final thoughts on Ibuyrite I personally believe it is not a bad gig especially if you do not have that much experience in eCommerce and having to have your own products, which with Ibuyrite that is taken care of which is pretty cool in my opinion. Price might a little high but if can make money or make a career out of this than it is definitely worth it. If you would like to sign up for free feel free to do so I will leave a link or if you have questions or comments or if you had any personal experience would love to hear how it is working out for you feel free to ask  any questions thanks and have a great day.

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