What Is o2 Worldwide

What Is o2 Worldwide

Product: o2 Worldwide

Price: Free to join

02 drops: 44.95 30 day money back guarantee.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Owner: Dan Putnam

Website: let us close

What is O2 Worldwide?

So What is 02 Worldwide, well it is a new mlm company that is currently in its  prelunch stage that sells o2 drops. These o2 drops are one of a kind formula of bio available oxygen molecules and essential trace minerals. These drops according to o2 worldwide  are natural non toxic, safe, and ph balanced, they also might provide benefits in improving your health since oxygen is a very important to keep your body healthy.o2 worldwide supplement facts

Why Oxygen Important?

Well without oxygen you would not be able to live right? With today there is a lot of pollution that is effecting how much oxygen we really get, and the less oxygen we get the more health problems we tend to develop. Feeling tired, maybe you are not getting enough oxygen ,with o2 worldwide according to them this might improve your health in the list below that is listed.

Benefits of o2 Drops                                        

  • Can dramatically boosts energy levels
  • May help strengthen the immune system
  • May heighten concentration and alertness                               02 worldwide review
  • May exert a calming effect on the nervous system
  • May help relieve headaches
  • May Reduce the symptoms of hangovers
  • Helps improve blood circulation without drug side effects
  • May help the liver in cleansing itself of toxins
  • May help with inflammatory conditions by assisting body in carrying away cellular debris and free radical toxins
  • May promote faster recovery from injury, stress or strenuous exercise
  • May help promote weight loss by increasing energy production and fat burning
  • Can be used for skin and acne care
  • Increases blod flow and oxygen to the skin make the skin look more beautiful
  • May help relieve the pain and itching of bug bites and skin rashes and promote healing
  • Has been used clinically to reduce gum disease and kill bacteria in the mouth.
  • May be used as a gargle to relieve sore throat conditions
  • May be used as a nasal irrigation spray to provide moisture and to help control bacteria in the nasal cavity
  • May be used as completely safe and natural hand sanitizer
  • May be used as a safe biocidal counter and bathroom spray
  • Can be used as safe vegetable and fruit wash
  • May be used as a preservative for short-term water storage to control harmful anaerobes

02 Worldwide Opportunity and Compensation

With o2 worldwide you can earn a income from home with leads that are given to you, and ill explain that little later. O2 worldwide you can earn 5 ways, and it is pretty simple.

This is a 2 team Compensation Plan.

    • Customer Bonus earn 50% percent commission of your direct sales, and 40% percent  cv goes into two team plan.
    • Fast Start Bonus is basically the same as your customer bonus except with fast start you get paid for bringing in new distributors and earn 50% percent on personal and %40 goes into your two team plan.
    • Two Team Pay earn 12.5% on the matched cv of your two teams. example your right team has 1000 dollars and right team 1200 dollars you will get 250 dollars and,200 dollars will rollover to the next week.
    • Matching Bonus  based on your two teams you sponsored so if your team on right brings in 1000 dollars, and team on left 1000 dollars you will get 2000 dollars 100% matching bonus.
    • K club earn incentives, cash, and trips

Cost to Join 02 worldwide

To join 02 worldwide is free  you do not have to pay membership fee, which kind of surprised me since most mlm’s there is some sort of fee. With o2 worldwide you will have to become active, and this is were you might spend a little money if you decide, and that is by purchasing a package, here is the 3 different packages that you can get

  • O2 drops & Call Center Pin (NOTE THIS PACK DOES NOT QUALIFY YOU FOR THE 100% MATCHING BONUS  cost :39.95
  • O2 drops, Call Center Pin, 20 Internet Surveyed Leads, and Upgraded Online System cost: 59.95
  • O2 drops, Call Center Pin, 50 Post Cards, 50 leads, and Upgraded Online System ( us resident’s only) cost:59.95

With the o2 drops there is 30 day money back guarantee, and with the packages you will be able to receive leads ,if you are not very good at getting them than you have a chance to purchase leads like getting 50 leads where all you do is go out send out the post card, and if the person wants to sign up they follow directions on the card, and the call center takes care of it all don’t even have to talk to anyone if you do not want to.

Upgraded Online System

If you decide you want to purchase the packages then you will receive a upgraded online system with lead capture pages, auto responders  follow up emails, lead capture pages, and sales funnel. Is it required? No not required  but if you want the most of it  I recommend it since especially if you are getting started ,will help out.

My Own Personal Testimonial after using the o2 drops

I have actually ordered the o2 drops and received it about a week later and since have been using it, did not  really see a big change from taking the o2 drops and after being a member for more than 3 months and having a downline of more than 150 people I did not make a penny from this.

Final Thoughts

The question most people ask is it legit? I believe it is not that great of a product period just a bunch of hype , I have tried it and it did nothing for me, tasted like salt water lol. I believe that there are other ways of making money online and after trying this i will not recommend this more of a waste of time in my opinion like with many other mlm’s. My recommendation is no I do not recommend but that is my personal opinion.






19 Replies to “What Is o2 Worldwide”

  1. Interesting product you did your review on! i really like how you added there product overview video on your page! it was a little short but it was good and you explained it very well. Very good job and keep up the good work!!

    One thing that could be added is the prices to join the 3 different packages, I noticed you explained the packages but there was no price

  2. I have to admit that I never heard of o2 worldwide, but you got me a bit curious and I will definitely look into it and see what is it all about.

    I worked in supplement store for a long time, I know all about CELL FOOD, and I agree about the toxicity part.

  3. HI there,

    Very interesting review of O2 but I must ask, how are the minerals derived? as there are two types of minerals organic and inorganic.

    One is toxic for our body, the other is not and makes a big difference as if the products provided are genuine and beneficial for us or, to put it bluntly, detrimental to our health.

  4. The o2 sounds like an interesting company to get involved with. Usually a mlm is discourage but this seems a little different and if getting in like you said as the company starts up could help you get a following base quickly for those hunting the product. Great info I will check into it.

  5. Hey Val,
    Interesting, a new MLM company. O2 is definitely a new type of MLM product I have ever come across. Oxygen is very powerful, especially when you inhale it fresh which is why people living in villages lead healthy lives as they are free from pollution, unlike us living in the city.

    Sometime when I drive or when I’m in pain or when I just wanna focus, I breathe in oxygen faster hoping that it will help (It does a bit) so O2 sounds like just the thing i’ve been looking for. Great review man, very interesting.

  6. Wow! Oxygen in a bottle! Nice work outlining the benefits of this product! So are there any testimonials of people using this product? What are the bad side effects? What are the different levels of compensation levels? Although this maybe in prelaunch stage and free to join I wonder if there will be a cost involve in the future? In my opinion, if the product is amazing, the company would naturally just grow…

    1. Hello farshid so far there are no side effects that I know of and you can find the compensation plan described in my post, also if you would like testimonials you can get those on o2 worldwide site for free.

    1. Steve!
      Why do you go around posting this stuff and link anywhere they make O2 review?
      You are making me suspect if there is any truth in any of this reviews you show up to comment on!
      Your link is not even related to O2!

  7. Wow these MLM systems surely are coming up all over the place these days – I’ve noticed they seem to target the health and weight loss niche a lot as well – have you noticed this?
    Problem is that most of these products are overpriced and can be found in supermarkets for next to nothing…

  8. Most people have no clue of how to build a MLM business, I see Steve’s comment of having a team over 450 and hardly breaking even,,, That is a Real sign of No experience and not helping your downline,,,,PEOPLE ABSOLVE THEMSELVES FROM RESPONSIBILITY, I broke even on my second month…. This is Not a get rich quick scheme but a business built on compound interest…. Unfortunately it is not for everyone.

    1. Yes but you also run into the problem of how good is the product itself. Like for me I tried o2 and had no effect on me what so ever. Also found the support was not so great in my opinion.

  9. Hi Val, I just joind o2 worldwide and i also ordered 1000 postcards. Do you see any improvements in the system yet, seeing as they have been out for a little while now? They said I get a $20 Fast start bonus everytime i sponsor a new person. Thanks Alan

    1. I have tried it but seems the support there is not so great so I had lots of people sponsored but no commissions, I did not see any value in the product so do not do it anymore I do sell products with Monat Global it is a great company and awesome products if you want check out my posts you will find my review.

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