What is Project BreakThrough?

What is Project BreakThrough?

what is project breakthrough

What is Project Breakthrough?

This is my personal Opinion on What is Project Break Through.

Project Breakthrough is a video course spanning over a 14 day trial period set up by successful internet marketers Vick and Jason. These training videos essentially teach you how to develop an online income and generate up to 27 different modes of passive income using the powers of internet. The whole procedure is quite appealing and with bold claims by the pair, Project Breakthrough draws quite an attention to struggling online marketers. Vick and Jason claim that if the program is cautiously followed and implemented people can generate anything between $20,000 and above every month with no higher limit. The 14 day trial period is set in a way that users can’t skip one and move on to another which is good as a lot of people are impatient and want to reach the conclusion before going through the whole thing first.

While the duo does not guarantee an assured income through this, however they also assure that it is nearly impossible to not know how to generate commissions by the end of the trail run. However, that’s not all about what is Project Breakthrough.

Who are the two mentors?

Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain together formed the High Traffic Academy (HTA) and shot to fame. They are recognized as very eminent online marketers having established their online presence for over a decade. They have been fairly successful in their multiple endeavors to utilize internet and generate a high income. Generally people have a notion that such bold claims and promises of earning a lot of money online implementing some strategies usually means a scam. This isn’t a fact and many successful entrepreneurs and online marketers can vouch for it, but all that glitters is not always gold. Before we jump to any conclusions there are a few things one should know about the mentors before understanding what is project breakthrough.

Vick Strizheus was also the founder of Empower Network which was based on MLM scheme or the pyramid scheme business. Multi-level marketing although might sound appealing to many, it isn’t always legit and the strategy has been used time and again by many scammers to trick gullible people into it. Vick has been associated with a number of such groundbreaking ideas or opportunities’ to utilize online marketing and multi-level-marketing schemes, some of which were borderline scams. Moreover Vick used to go around by a completely different name before he changed it when sentenced prison time for insurance theft – not a very remarkable background history for a mentor trying to impart once in a lifetime income opportunities to people.

Hidden costs

Project Breakthrough proudly claims a free trial of 14 days to teach essential tips and tricks on online marketing and how to generate ten folds income sitting at home using these strategies. But what is smartly avoided is the mammoth expense per year or per month that is waiting at the end of the trial period. Misdirection is a key to successful scams and this makes me wonder whether it is a scam or a legit working program. The trial period teaches you about tools that are essential in the process and also imparts some commendable knowledge but needs you to sign up for Elite membership at the end of it. This is in a way mandatory to “actually” earn anything at all. Unless you pay the hefty fee of $297 p/m, you will not earn any money as claimed initially thus making the entire training useless.

One might question that with some added knowledge and information about the essential tools for the program, why can’t someone start generating their own income without upgrading to Elite membership in Project breakthrough? Well, that is because these essential tools also cost quite a bit and have no trial period to test their authenticity. Paired with added costs of training modules and with negligible or no information about how to use these tools effectively, they are basically useless unless you shell out near about $300 for the Elite program and that too without any guaranteed returns.

Support system

Having discussed all the above issues, one might wonder that at the least Project breakthrough will have a strong real-time support system to cater to the queries and needs of people particularly those who are paying for an upgraded program and buying these costly tools. Unfortunately, there is no support system provided with the program and the mentors encourage users to leave comments at the end of each day’s trial video. Having gone through those, I can vouch that most queries go unanswered even the ones made by people who have paid truck load of money to buy all essentials as asked and yet not getting the claimed benefits from these tools. A faulty support system with barely effective response makes the whole program very shady and doubtful.

Benefits: Pros & Cons

Writing an unbiased product review requires an honest opinion about both the advantages and disadvantages that come along for the users. While personal opinions and experiences are crucial, it is also necessary to fairly appreciate the aspects that are beneficial. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the program to understand better the basic question – What is project breakthrough?


The 14-day trial period for training is absolutely free for all.

During the training period, credit card details or any other payment details are not required.

The information provided in the trial period is somewhat beneficial if not wholesome.

The videos explaining the matter and context have been well-arranged and described by both Vick and Jason thus making it appealing and interesting.


Although a free trial period is provided, it is redundant unless upgraded to an Elite package by paying a hefty amount and buy the essential tools as mentioned.

The package along with the tools is not where the expenses end. There are upsells, training modules and further hidden costs which are staggeringly high.

The tools do not come with a trial period and paying for them is the only way to check their authenticity.

The past records and background of one of the mentors, Vick Strizheus is extremely controversial.

There is no proper support system for free or paid users of the program.

Other options to learn how to make money Online.

There are other option is learning online one of them is called Wealthy Affiliate and that is where I started out at and can say that it though me a lot of stuff probably the same as project breakthrough, but I can say anything for project break through because it is little over priced especially for newbies and I wouldn’t recommend invest 400 or 500 bucks a month just to learn and for some tools there are cheaper way out there, so if you are interested check out Wealthy Affiliate below to start learning for free and then if you want to upgrade only 47$ dollars a month and training is amazing.

Wealthy Affiliate Training


Verdict: Scam or Legit?

Having discussed the various aspects, this program is not highly accredited and neither is the response from various users very trustworthy or motivating. Given that one of the mentors has a dicey history with such online schemes and that there are more negative aspects about it than positive, at worst this might be a well-marketed scam. But the information in the trial period is helpful and the benefits post purchase of the package and tools might be better if not exceedingly promising. At best, a minutely beneficial package against a major set of expenses is the right way to sum up the query – What is Project Breakthrough? If you have comments or questions feel free to ask.

6 Replies to “What is Project BreakThrough?”

  1. Interesting article and I too would worry if that was a scam or legit. People stating that high monthly earnings straight away often scream scam to me especially since you have to pay a high monthly fee in order to dig deeper into the scheme. Did you try the 14 days free training and did it seem extensive to you? Or was it designed to try and sell you the monthly subscription service?

    1. Hello Evie the 14 day trial was more of information and up sells of different tools and in order to get most out of it than you would have to get the membership and tools that you will need and it ends up being very expensive, personally in my opinion.

  2. Hello Val,
    Thank you for your review. I was looking for a way to earn money in the Internet and I found project break through. At the beginning I was happy that I found a “free” program to make money to finance my study. But after some sessions I felt a little worried. All they said sounded too perfect and too easy and I don’t think you learn enough to build a sustainable online business in only 14 days by only watching videos.
    Also in the 4th session they want you to sign up for their program, what costs 297$ and then I thought: okay now they want your money. Very good marketing from the two but yes I also think it is more scam!
    I will give wealthy affiliate a try, thanks for your recommendation!

  3. I first looked into Project Breakthrough when I discovered the program on Instagram!

    To be honest, I didn’t know what to make of the program because although it comes across legit, it also feels like a scam.

    As a former member of Empower Network (UNFORTUNATELY), I really do not trust this Vick Strizheus guy and also Project Breakthrough!

    I really do not trust this program one bit, and especially with the hefty price tag too.


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