What Is Superpay.Me Another Offer Scam?

What Is Superpay.Me Another Offer Scam?

What is Superpay.Me                  what is superpay.me

So what is Superpay.me?  To sum it up in couple words and not waste your time it is a site where you will be able to earn some spare cash to complete offers and fill out surveys. If you came across superpay. me then you might be thinking if this is really legit, and can you actually earn money completing survey’s and offer’s? Yes you can actually earn money by filling out surveys and doing offers online.

Problem With Many Survey and Offer Site’s

Like I mentioned earlier you can make money doing survey’s and offers, but the big problem I came across myself even with superpay.me is that many time’s the survey’s barley pay enough for the time that you spend doing them, that is the first problem. Second problem is getting spammed, and if you ever done offers you will also have to be very careful when filling out offers like a trial offer most the time if you do not cancel a trial offer you will get charged full retail price for what ever offer you are trying to complete. Even with doing offers online I found myself always getting phone calls from different marketing company’s trying to offer me something which get’s annoying really quick.

How to Earn With Superpay.Me

With Superpay.me you can earn 3 ways, first is completing surveys, second is completing offers, and last is referring others and getting paid 25% of what the person you referred earns.

Most surveys pay only 1 to 3 bucks sometimes more, and you can expect to spend anywhere 5 to 30 minutes or more for survey, and also do not forget that you will have to qualify for the survey you are doing in order to earn money, for example you might be doing a survey and you are ten minutes into it  boom you could get a message saying sorry you did not qualify, that is another big problem with doing survey’s it sometimes becomes a big waste of time.

How You Get Paid With SuperPay.me

Super Pay will pay instantly to your paypal account or the other options are moneybookers ,or Amazon Gift Cards.

Pros and Cons


  • Get paid instantly which is great because most survey sites takes about 4-6 weeks to get paid.


  • Like most survey sites, low pay surveys
  • spam

Final Thoughts

If you are still thinking either to sign up or not  that choice will leave up to you . Like I said before you can earn money just dont expect to earn a lot doing it, and be ready to spend or waste in most cases your precious time. There are may other options that you can earn money online and surveys is not your only option! If you like to write or express your opinion why not try blogging about something that you love and make money doing, if you would like to learn more feel free to check out my how to start affiliate marketing biz, or ask below and ill be glad to help. Also if you are still interested in doing surveys you can check out my review on getpaid.social thanks and have great day.

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