What is the Best Keyword Research Tool

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool

What is a Keyword Research Tool and Why is it Important?

What is the best keyword research tool out there today that will not cost you a fortune, but before we get into that ill explain what a keyword research tool and why it is is important.

Keyword research tool is a tool that will help you with your research in finding a keyword for you niche that is low competition. It is important to find the right keywords that low competition so you can rank on first page on google. Also there are many other factor like quality content and different seo factor that go into writing a article that will determine your rank on  google but today ill just talk about the keyword tool.

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

There are many option’s on keyword research tools that you can find, but ill share a couple that I found most useful. The first keyword research tools is Jaaxy and it is my all time favorite because it is least expensive compared to many other research tools out there.

Jaaxy Research Tool

Overall Rank  1o out of 10

Price Free 30 searchers, 19  pro membership month, 49 dollars month  enterprise membership

Jaaxy keyword research tool is probably the least expensive tool out there in keyword research and most accurate in my opinion. Below I posted a video of me using the research tool  and how it works.

If you would like to try Jaaxy for free click below to get 30 free searchers.

Wealthy Affiliate Research Tool

Alright here is a other option for folks that would like to try out  it is called Wealthy Affiliate research tool . So what is the Wealthy Affiliate  well if you read my older post on Wealthy Affiliate it is basically a online marketing university to help you learn online marketing with a bunch of great video tutorials from creating your site to getting ranked on google and how to make successful ppc campaigns. So what is so great about wealthy affiliate?  Well there are a lot of great thing one is that you get to learn how to build a successful business online from beginner to expert.

With Wealthy Affiliate you get

  • Help from community of over 10,000 folks that help your stuck with your online business.
  • Video tutorials
  • Live Training
  • 247 Support
  • Web Hosting and 2 free WordPress site’s and 25 for premium members
  • Keyword tool similar to jaaxy get it for free for first week than you have to become a premium member for 19 first month than 47 or 359$ year.
  • Site feedback
  • Site Comments feature get comments for your site
  • Wealthy Affiliate Program

All this plus way more for free for first week than 19 and 47 bucks or 359 for yearly membership  which is a great option if you want everything in one bundle and great for beginners to expert and I am talking from personal experience.  If you want to sign up for free to try it out click bellow on banner and dont worry you will not need your credit card info it is free for starter membership.

Other Keyword Tool Options

Here is another great tool that I like but a bit pricey it is 99 bucks for a month it is called Moz pro. Moz pro is great tool that you can do the research and get info on the serps (search engine results pages) it is where you can get info about how easy it will be to beat your competition even though if you find a low comp keyword , it is very important to look into serps to see who is targeting that keyword and if you will be able to get ranked on google. Sometimes keyword research tools will say it low competition keyword but don’t forget to look into the serps and you can do that manually by going to google search and typing that keyword or phrase and see what comes up and go from there. If the site has a lot of authority meaning social shares, comments, etc.. If all the sites on first page have a lot of authority than I would go for a different keyword because even if not a lot of websites are going for that keyword there is a reason why, and a lot of times it is because of the authority in those sites ,and will be hard to beat them  especially if your site is new.

Back to Moz it is  not bad tool but pricey, it also come with keyword rank check that check your rankings every week if they changed or not. Also there is a tool to  check make sure you got your seo stuff in the article like having your keyword in the tile  and first paragraph ect….


To finish up I just wanted to give my personal recommendation if you want a keyword tool that is great for low price than I would go with Jaaxy or if you want a keyword tool and training especially if you are just starting in the online business than I recommend Wealthy Affiliate they have great tools to help you succeed online, and I would recommend it even if you are not a beginner great way to expand your learning. Now for Moz it is also great tool but more expensive  in my personal experience Jaaxy and moz are about the same but Jaaxy is cheaper.There are other many keyword tools out there but in my personal experiance this is the best that is out there , and I hope this will  help you out get started thanks for reading What is the Best Keyword Research Tool. For any questions or comments feel free to ask below will gladly help you out thanks and have a great day.


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