What is Your American Dream?

What is Your American Dream?

What is Your American Dream?

Are you living the American Dream? Most of use are not living the  American Dream but more of a pay check to paycheck type of life, drowning in depth and getting more and more into depth is that sound like your American Dream. If it does your not the only one  and actually about 80 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck or drowning more and more into depth. Have you ever wanted to change your financial situation?

How to live the American Dream?                What is Your American Dream?

For some the American dream is being really  rich and for some like me the American dream is having just enough, no debt , and to be able to have control over your time since time is something that we can not get back , time will pass by before we even know it. Why do we work for someone for 40 years and than die? What was the point? I am talking to people that want something more than a 8-5 job but a career that you will enjoy. In order to change your current situation and to be off to living the American Dream you have to do one thing to get started, and that is work on yourself.

Work on Your Self

Why work on your self? Well if you do not work on your self than nothing will change right? What are you doing now that can make you more money or get you out of the current situation? If your not doing anything than nothing will change for you unless your start working on your self, and that could be learning something new, trying something new, starting a business of your own, creating a new schedule with a goal  and moving forward. One of the hardest thing is not being distracted by everything else, by that I mean it is hard coming home from work tired and just wanting to lay down on the couch and do nothing!

Final Thoughts

Want to live the American Dream? Start working on your self, if what you are doing is not working stop, think what you can do to change that situation that you are in right now, because if you do nothing , than nothing will happen. I hope this will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and try to do something different. Questions or comments feel free to ask below.

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