What Is Zyn Travel? Exposed

What Is Zyn Travel? Exposed

Product: Zyn Travel

Website: http://zyndio.com/

Price:499$ Platinum +19.99 dollars setup fee and 14.99 month

Gold Membership: 199.99 + 19.99 setup fee, and 14.99 month

Silver Membership:49.99 + 19.99 setup fee, and 14.99 month

Owner: Anthony Powell

Overall Rank: 4 out of 10

This is my personal review I am not a affiliate, and do not promote zyn travel just my personal thoughts.

What is Zyn Travel?

What is Zyn Travel? Well Zyn Travel  is a new mlm that is currently in the pre launch stage that specializes in the travel industry. Get paid to travel maybe you have hear of that before, there are couple company’s that are out there where you can make money while promoting different memberships, and referring other folks to the opportunity. Is Zyn Travel any different? Zyn Travel like many other opportunities out there not any different in my personal opinion.

What Kinds of Discounts Do you Get if You are a Member?

Discounts on

  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Rental Cars
  • Time Shares
  • Service

Here is a list of what you will be able to save money on if you become a member of Zyn Travel, are the discounts big my guess is no on that because personally the way I look at it is how can you offer cheaper airline discounts than the major website’s like expedia ect…? In my opinion there is not enough proof of discounts to make me even sign up. According to Zyn Travel you could save up to 85% percent on hotel.

Cost of Memberships, and Business Opportunity

Zyn Travel Review

As you see above there are 3 memberships that you can enroll in. If you want to earn money and to maximize your earning you will have to get the platinum membership. There are 8 ways to earn with Zyn Travel, and here is a quick run down of Zyn Travel Compensation Plan.

  • Affiliate Travel Commissions you will be able to  earn 25 percent commissions as silver ,or 50 percent gold, and 100 percent commission  if platinum ,and it will depend on travel cost,and travel  retail price paid on Zyn Travel so for example: retail price is 600, and  travel site profit 200 as silver you will receive  50, gold 100, platinum 200.
  • Affiliate referral bonus  is where you get paid when you refer other members of up to 20 percent, and 5 percent of when your affiliate enrolls a new affiliate.
  • 3×2 matrix  where you must fill 12 positions, and you will receive 150 silver, gold 450, and 750 platinum , and this happens every time you complete the cycle.
  • Earn a additional 10% travel bonus on top of your completed cycles.
  • Affiliate matching bonuses when your team completes a cycle you will receive a commission.
  • Affiliate lifestyle bonus for platinum members only or if you upgrade  will be able to get cool rewards like iPad, gopro, and even a car.
  • Affiliate marketing bonus help your team grow , and earn extra cash down to 3 levels.
  • Affiliate Global Bonuses earn a share of global pool

Pros and Cons


  • Still in prelunch
  • not bad compensation plan
  • Good products if they really do provide the discount’s


  • Starting price is expensive if you want to have the full earning potential you need platinum membership.
  • No proof of discounts, so do not know if this will have any value in it.
  • Monthly membership

Final Thought’s

I hope this will give you a idea of what is Zyn Travel, also wanted to give my insight on Zyn Travel,  of what I personally think ,and my past experience’s with mlm programs. I believe that Zyn Travel is not that bad, but I would not sign up for couple reason’s there is not enough proof that discounts that they offer are actually worth investing in ,and promoting this opportunity. Also the price for the membership is high about 500 dollars, unless you get the silver membership which is cheaper but don’t get all the benefits of platinum membership which is a big downside to the business. I have seen couple travel site before that have failed because the failed to offer what they advertised, if there is no proof of the discount’s on products , then that just gives me a red flag. This is personally to me another mlm program mostly based of referrals. If you really want to learn how to build successful online business I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate Training, where you can learn how to build a business that will have value. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.




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    I have been with WA for a while now, and I can say they are very honest, dedicated in helping people like you and me to establish a legitimate online business.

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